Monday, July 26, 2010

Valencia Roner: Is the Black Church a Weapon of Mass Distraction?

For those who are regular visitors to my blog, you may know the story of how and why I stopped attending traditional church services on Sunday mornings. It was a difficult decision, however, in the end, I found peace in the Lord in such a way I never did before. Of course I love great preaching with a solid message and the angelic sound of choirs. Yet, the cancer of deception, drama, occasional berating and confusion was not worth all the great messages and great choirs on earth.
I was reminded of this when I came across The Lexi Show, which just got cancelled. I had never heard of The Lexi Show which was on The Word Network, a cable gospel network. I found it very entertaining for what it was.
I came across a forum she hosted with one of my favorite human beings, Bishop Carlton Pearson. As many of you may know, Bishop Pearson was formerly denounced by the Council of Bishops for his message on theGospel of Inclusion. A premise that basically says that Christ came for all, all are already saved - no matter who you are - whether one may know it or not. Even more controversial, Pearson has also professed that he believes there is no formal “hell” except for the one we create for ourselves and others.


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