Friday, January 8, 2010

Father Accused of locking 7 year old daughter in dryer and turning it on

Father Charged With Placing Daughter in Dryer

Steve McClairin,36, is accused of placing his seven-year-old daughter in the dryer, shutting the door, and turning it on.
McClairin was arraigned Wednesday morning on a handful of charges, including two counts of endangering children, felonious assault, kidnapping and domestic violence.
Prosecutors say the accusations in this story are horrific.
"There's no explaining this type of activity, why any individual would place any human being or any animal or anything in a dryer is unexplainable and to a normal thinking person, there's no explanation and obviously this man has issues," said Mike O'Malley, First Assistant to Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason.


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  1. The guy edvidently is sick and very stupid too. Why any sane female would have anything to do with him in order to produce a child is beyond my comprehension. Let him be abused in jail as he will be.