Monday, November 29, 2010



A black former postal worker from Hingham, Massachusetts thought that this day would  be a routine work day filled with mail drop offs and pick ups. Until he came face to face with a disgruntle and racist white customer. The woman featured in this two part Youtube
video sensation comes face to face with the postal worker. In video one, she is enraged, hangs from the carrier’s postal truck window and demands that he retrieve a piece of certified mail that she has signed for. When the postal worker denies her request for retrieval of her mail, her true colors shine and she begins to racially attack the worker with statements like “You’re a fucking nigger thief.” Clearly this woman is delusional because she follows that statement with “I’m not prejudiced but right now I’m getting real pissed off.” The postal worker remained calm and clear during this racial attack. He explained to her that he could not take back the certified mail and why was she calling him names. Unfortunately his calm demeanor seemed to enrage the women to the point
of threatening his life.

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