Friday, August 27, 2010

Bad Economy Hurts Obama – More Black News – 8/27/10


  • Slumped Economy Creates More Problems for President Obama

    12:09 PMAug 27

    Source: BV on Money

    One of the greatest indicators of a president's popularity is the state of the economy. When people have jobs and can feed their families, they love the person in charge. If not, they are looking for a scapegoat. Right now, President Obama has become ... Read More

  • 'Takers' Film Review: Perfect Popcorn Film To End Summer Season

    12:07 PMAug 27

    Source: BV on Movies

    While Hollywood has offered an endless amount of heist films to the point where originality doesn't exist with new films, 'Takers' works because of its solid pace and action scenes, including one chase sequence that will have audience rooting for ... Read More

  • MILF Showdown: Halle Berry vs. Stacey Dash

    12:00 PMAug 27


    Hurricane Chris wasn't lying when he said Halle Berry is "finer than a mutha". Even after having a baby and celebrating her 44th birthday this month, the 1986 Miss Ohio USA has been the G.O.A.T. for quite awhile. But she isn't the only MILF in town, ... Read More

  • Sharpton to Ask Feds to Probe Mitrice Richardson's Death

    11:57 AMAug 27

    Source: BV Black Spin

    The Rev. Al Sharpton wants a federal investigation in to the circumstances leading up to the disappearance of Mitrice Richardson, who is the Cal State Fullerton graduate whose remains were recently found by police. The young woman, who suffered ... Read More

  • Palin Gets Slammed On Home Turf By Union President

    11:42 AMAug 27

    Source: BV Black Spin

    The president of the AFL-CIO lambasted Sarah Palin on her home turf Thursday called the former Alaska governor a "crazy magnet that's pulling people to the right." "She used to have a job, your governor. You knew her–or thought you did, I ... Read More

  • How Ben Quayle Won Arizona's Congressional Primary

    11:00 AMAug 27


    Remember the guy in Arizona that called Barack Obama "the worst president in history," threatening to "go to Washington and knock the hell out of the place"? Well 33-year-old Republican Ben Quayle is "that guy" and he just won the primaries in ... Read More

  • Shameless: Court Clerk Dorothy Brown Pimps Employees for Wearing Jeans?

    11:00 AMAug 27

    Source: BV Black Spin

    The name Dorothy Brown has not yet reached the national consciousness as a symbol of ineffective and corrupt local government, but the Cook County, Chicago, circuit court clerk is well on her way to that distinction. Brown's inept and shady handling ... Read More

  • Rangel Back on Obama's Bandwagon

    9:49 AMAug 27

    Source: BV Black Spin

    Charlie Rangel knows that with all his massive legal and political problems, getting on the wrong side of President Barack Obama is a new headache he doesn't need. So Rangel was wise to kiss the feet of the president, who is still hugely popular in ... Read More

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